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    FAQ - General Information

    Welcome to our General Information FAQ section! This is the place for basic information about custom printed labels and about our company. For more detailed FAQ topics, head back to the main FAQ page and select another category.

    How do labels help promote my business, products, or services?

    Custom printed labels are the most versatile, most effective, and least costly of all forms of advertisement. They are like small billboards, visual reminders of where your products and services have been purchased and where to go to buy more. By putting your address, phone number, website, and email address on labels, you've provided your customers with multiple ways to contact you and make additional purchases.

    Do you ever discontinue a product or change your pricing?

    We reserve the right to change prices or discontine a product at any time.

    Why should I use promotional products?

     Promotional products are a great way to help customers remember your business. Custom printed labels, custom bags, printed ribbons, and more will keep your business name in front of customers much longer than just the time they visit your store. If you can't find a particular item on our site, please contact a Customer Care Rep at 1-888-281-0042 and we'll do our best to help you find what you're looking for.

    Do you have a catalog?

    No. Many companies that provide catalogs sometimes have to inflate the price of their products to pay for printing and distributing the catalogs. Because we are constantly updating and adding new products for our customers, any catalogs we'd print would be outdated very quickly. We prefer to provide you with visual images of our terrific products on our website as well as up-to-date pricing and special offers. We take pride in our quality and service, so don't hesitate to contact us and let us know if there are any samples you would like to receive.

    Can someone visit me at my business location?

    We typically handle all of our sales calls via phone. Please contact a Customer Care Rep at 1-888-281-0042 to see what arrangements can be made to meet with you.

    Where can I find out nutritional facts for my food labels?

    Please call a Customer Care Rep at 1-888-281-0042 or go to for additional nutritional labeling information.

    What type of content is acceptable for printing?

    Print Your Marketing reserves the right to refuse printing of inappropriate or offensive content.

    Who is Print Your Marketing?

    Print Your Marketing is a manufacturer of custom printed products. Since 1990, we have provided award-winning custom printed labels, tags, and bags to the retail marketplace.