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    What is a foil label and why is it more expensive than an ink label?

    The press that is used to make our foil label uses pressure and heat to melt the imprint material to the surface of the label material. This requires more energy and is more time consuming than printing a label using liquid inks, making it more expensive. Order foil labels if you want a metallic (reflective) imprint. These labels have a fancy, more expensive look. Order ink labels if you have finer detail or screens in your art. They have a flatter look.

    Should I order ink, foil, or full color labels? What is the difference?

    This decision depends on the image you want to project, the artwork you have or would like created, the place you'd like to use your label, and your budget.
    Here are some tips that may help you with your decision:

    Foil labels typically have a more expensive look. If your products or services need to reflect that image, then these are the labels for you. However, there are a limited number of foil imprints available, so matching a specific color is not possible.

    If you want to use spot colors, PANTONE colors, screens, duotones, etc., then the ink label would better serve your needs. This process is also better if your artwork has fine detail or small text.

    You may also combine the ink and foil processes to create a dual-process label which is very eye-catching and uses the best of both processes! Call a Customer Care Rep at 1-888-281-0042 for pricing.

    Full color labels should be used if your art involves a picture, if you would like a photographic look, if there is fine detail printing required, if there are multiple colors, if there are many different copies, or any combination of these factors. Keep in mind, full color labels are not recommended for outdoor use.